Our Networks 2047 Redistributing the Future

November 14–27, 2022

Online, Distributed

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Drawing inspiration from our favourite sci-fi authors we’re headed to a future for Our Networks 2022 2047. Join us over two weeks to call into the present an artefact from an Our Networks more than 20 years ahead. We will collectively narrate the history of the steps that allowed us to get there from here in order to understand where and how we can focus ourselves in the present.


We’ve all been living through these weeks where decades happen. Looking back on our past we find neither dystopia nor utopia. Instead, our history winds in-between, with setbacks and sudden leaps toward the internet and web we want. In order to even try and get there we’ve had to fight to transform the entire world. While there have been great strides in remaking where we live, work, and play as we tackle the interleaved crises of climate, capitalism, and co-option. There are still looming challenges and lingering concerns.

For an event that has been held alongside these struggles, Our Networks has been a place to share victories and defeats together. Out of a sense of large-scale ruin ⤴, we have kept inventing hope, the kind that isn’t optimism, but rather a discipline we practice every single day ⤴. In 2047 it feels like we are at another critical juncture, just like we were in 2022 and 2035.

So once again, what will we make of our futures? How do we learn from our pasts? How do we extend the forms of redistribution and accountability in the spaces, movements, collectives, and institutions that have been our inspirations and homes for the last few decades?

Please Note: We are not hosting a conference, but instead facilitating the creation of a wiki about a conference that could take place in 2047.

Between November 14–27, 2022 we hosted a series of online writeathons where we will facilitate contributions and co-writing on to the 2047 wiki. To join us during the writeathons, all you need is an internet connection. You will also be able to edit the wiki fully asynchronously. All events are free, and registration will stay open during the writing period.

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