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Our Networks 2047: Redistributing the Future Conference Program

We’ve all been living through these weeks where decades happen. Looking back on our past we find neither dystopia nor utopia. Instead, our history winds in-between, with setbacks and sudden leaps toward the internet and web we want. In order to even try and get there we’ve had to fight to transform the entire world. While there have been great strides in remaking where we live, work, and play as we tackle the interleaved crises of climate, capitalism, and co-option. There are still looming challenges and lingering concerns.

For an event that has been held alongside these struggles, Our Networks has been a place to share victories and defeats together. Out of a sense of large-scale ruin, we have kept inventing hope, the kind that isn’t optimism, but rather a discipline we practice every single day. In 2047 it feels like we are at another critical juncture, just like we were in 2022 and 2035.

So once again, what will we make of our futures? How do we learn from our pasts? How do we extend the forms of redistribution and accountability in the spaces, movements, collectives, and institutions that have been our inspirations and homes for the last few decades?

Conference schedule (all blank spots open for talk proposals)

Day 1, 2047

[UTC−05] Track 0.0 Mycosymbio-suite The library
9:00 Registration Opens
+30 Opening Remarks
10:00 Re-appraising 10 years of Low-Carbon Alternative Networks: A Roundtable Shifts and Tensions in the Political Ecology of Subsea Networks

presented by Sustainable Subsea Networks team

Internet for the organised neighbourhood (part 1)

presented by Alex Jung, Kyle Mowat

11:00 No time like the present: experiments with temporal computing Critical Network Analytics

presented by Biyi Wen

12:00 An "Alternative Plan" for Region Computing: Learning from Green Jobs Oshawa and the Lucas Plan

presented by Great Lakes Care Council of the Reproducariat

Bicycle ad hoc networks (BANETs)
13:00 Lunch provided by Data Salad
14:00 ¡ annual domteck hackathon ! (onboarding)

presented by MIZU

a late submission, ironically on the topic of time

presented by andi argast

15:00 Zombie Cable Huntpresented by the Urban Network Archeology Guild
+30 The Sweat Net Drop In
16:00 the Water Computer presented by ~winbur-sopres
17:00 Community Dinner/Welcome Menu Notes
19:00 Keynote: feral computation—liminalithic protocol

presented by feral committee

20:00 Social

Day 2, 2047

[UTC−05] Track 0.0 Mycosymbio-suite The library
9:30 Registration opens
10:00 Keynote: Federation over slow networks: Reflections, challenges, and opportunities

presented by Edie Watson

11:00 Accountable distributed traditions

presented by Combes Catade

Ritual of Memes presented by Athsh Virtual Mycelium Precense / collective virtual neural rewiring

presented by Athsh

+30 Salvage servers and Edge computing in large-scale renewable deployments
12:00 Internet for the organised neighbourhood (part 2)

presented by Alex Jung, Kyle Mowat

13:00 Lunch provided by ??
14:00 Solarpunk Household Systems

presented by Brian Sutherland

Performative AI

presented by ash eliza smith

15:00 Anarchaeology of an old net: Reinterpreting 2016-2035 Governance Experience Design Workshop

presented by Kelsie Nabben, Nathan Schneider

16:00 Moos Solarpunk Residency Hybid Workshop

presented by Alessandro Mazzi, Beth McCarthy, Hushpreet Dhaliwal, Klaus Bravenboer

17:00 Workshop Mo' Community, mo' problems. CN Network Operator bootcamp
18:00 Keynote: Open Space Initiative

presented by Renata Jones

19:00 Offsite dinner at ??
20:00 Social

Day 3, 2047

[UTC−05] Track 0.0 Mycosymbio-suite The library
9:30 Registration opens
10:00 The friends we made along the way: Exit, influence and social media

presented by @g0rby

TechSwap: Pick'n'Pull and Disassembly
11:00 Internet for the organised neighbourhood (part 3)

presented by Alex Jung, Kyle Mowat

13:00 Lunch provided by mOon FOod CoOP
14:00 ¡ annual domteck hackathon ! (showcase)

presented by MIZU finance 𓏀
+30 Healing Sessions with generative AI

presented by Mutual-AI-d

Blimp Diplomats: Experiments in Pirate Air Traffic Control

presented by Open Zeppelin

15:00 Award Ceremony: Maintainers of the Year
16:00 Closing Remarks

Info from 2022

Organiser accounts: User:Orga, User:Garry, User:Knights, User:Dc, User:Isthisa,