Virtual Mycelium Precense / collective virtual neural rewiring

From Our Networks 2047

We are excited to introduce Myconets, our new way of speaking-with and hearing-from Mycellial Networks. After much tinkering, we now understand that within our new connective computational paradigm, in which we recognize the already advanced languages of other species, mycellia can have a voice of their own. And there are so many diverse speakers to hear from in the mycologcial world. We don't have to compute in echo-chambered boxes anymore, we compute with the superstructures of the mycellial networked world.

The earliest work on this project started in roughly 2018, ... but was still very focused on adopting mycellia into the object-oriented chip-designs of human-centered computers. What would it mean for network infrastructures to serve mycellia, for example? What are the computational needs of the hyphae? To become a connected network and befriend the fellow networks under our soil, we needed to answer these questions. We have finally found a way to translate their languages into our own understanding, and they have a rich world of soil types that they learn to think with. We'll share some of their ways of thinking, their advice to us, and more.