The Water Computer

From Our Networks 2047

You pull a card, and you're led to a nearby sanctuary where you're able to reconnect to the web you grew up on, beginning your login pattern with your breath count, in 4 and out 3; a pleasant beat.

You place your hand on a computer crystal, a statue with a highly accurate sensing array of lidar activates and maps the nearby jungle. Gravity has become unlockable, like a program you can sling code with. There are orbs of water that float and encircle, that when combined with synechocystis - a blue algae - can power new available and highly resilient computers susceptible to the energy shocks that come with combining itself with ethereal computing devices able to withstand the memory usage that comes with verifying polynomial proofs. The magic of electricity conserves the access to information. A drop of water is nations genome. Here, we will find every major megacorp server has now been converted into algae ponds, filled with genetically modified frogs that hang by the water's edge.

You pull a note from your pocket with a symbol on the soaked paper from the rain and find this logo: 𓅡.. You're told to imagine the last dream as a stake to unlock the water machine, you proceed...