No time like the present: experiments with temporal computing

From Our Networks 2047

We can see the spatial but only imagine the temporal. Experiments will take a bricolage approach, weaving together the ephemeral with the tangible.

Suggested experiments:

  • Simultaneous editing of a wiki in 2047. Inputs might include:
    • words, phrases, or related notations; number of
    • contemplating the trees outside while thinking; total glances x number of sighs

Outputs: likely eaten by the ghost in the machine and/or human error

  • Compare the experience of time during the warm months (season formerly known as summer in the northern and southern hemispheres) between a 10 year-old-child and a 32 year old adult. Inputs might include:

       - sand, grains of; esp on feet

       - blackberry stains; measured in mm from centre of stain to outermost edge

       - crumbs, number of; jammed between buttons on video game controller

       - inst0-wine tabs, consumed; number of

       - awkward pauses in enforced virtual gatherings; space between each

 Outputs: uncertain, varied, unreliable, vaguely mysterious, ultimately confounding

See also: The Water Computer