Moos Solarpunk Residency Hybid Workshop

From Our Networks 2047

Presented by Alessandro Mazzi, Beth McCarthy, Hushpreet Dhaliwal, Klaus Bravenboer

Beth is a steward of the Solarpunk Residency Programme at Moos, a collective space for radical experimentation in living, making, healing and dreaming of futures in Berlin. Klaus is a steward of the Solarpunk Incubator and facilitator of regenerative community patterns and practices. Alessandro and Hushpreet are joining for 2 weeks of the Residency Programme, in which we intend to engage in participatory speculative fiction through the lens of the Our Networks write-athon.

As representatives of Toucan Protocol (Beth), [ttps:// Sovereign Nature Initiative] (Alessandro), the Turing Institute (Hushpreet), and Hack Humanity (Klaus), all of us are deeply and tangibly engaged in creating the rails for a decentralized, climate-positive and ethically-powered future to emerge. In our day to day professional practice, this looks like funding mechanisms, technical infrastructure, rigorous research and intentional community building. This groundwork-laying is fulfilling because of the future that we believe we're making possible, and we are delighted by the possibility of imagining what a conference - far into the future - looking back on our work as foundational and future-altering might involve.

We're excited by the idea of "conference presentation” (and performance?) as a medium that's both edifying and humorous — what would the diagrams, anecdotes, charts and retrospectives look like that cover the failures, successes and learnings over the unfolding 50 years? What can imagining future versions of ourselves referencing our current work reveal about our current naivety and audacity? We hope to explore all of these subjects in co-writing exercises for the 2 week duration that we'll join in the Moos Solarpunk Residency, and bring them together in a day of writing, reflecting and imagining together over the course of 20 November.