Menu Notes

From Our Networks 2047

This four course meal provided by Foragérie in collaboration with Chef Mirkin How is a vegan small plates menu inspired by local seasonal flavours. Each course is presented with an accompanying tea or natural wine pairing.

If there are any allergies or special dietary requirements please emails the conference staff in advance so the team can accommodate!

Smoked Chanterelle Pate

A mix of foraged and cultivated chanterelles, with crushed cashew base. Accompanied by sourdough baked onsite.

Acorn Jelly on Seaweed Bed

A variation of the traditional Korean dish, dotorimuk, chilled and garnished with sesame oil and chilli. Lightly fermented seaweeds are sourced from the Gulf of St Lawrence

Puffball Steaks aus Jus

Served with pea shoots, braised yukon gold potato, and miso-mushroom gravy. Calvatia Gigantea are foraged by from forests outside Gravenhurst and Bracebridge.

Carmelized Pumpkin stewed in Birch Syrup

Tangy mineral-rich birch syrups contradict the dense sweetness of the pumpkin. Garnished with currants and roasted walnuts