Keynote: feral computation—liminalithic protocol

From Our Networks 2047

Presented by feral committee

feral computing is an emerging micro-genre of operating computation; connecting seemingly disparate compute infrastructure to earth-bound systems. the results of these projects has lingered, almost spectral in quality, over the past decade in the form of deconstructed units of computation, megalithic peripherals, and w-i-n-d-nets against large bodies of water. this micro-genre of computing is being indexed by an ad-hoc group of artists and documentarians. since their formation in 2037, they have catalogue more than a hundred operations tracing the micro-genre from compute to protocol.

liminalithic protocol is a concept developed by those in the micro-genre between 2038 to 2040. It describes a situated practice where information is shared through the movement of air; wind and other atmospheric phenomena. the protocol was a sketch for an alternative means to think about communication that would in itself create a suspended hyperstructure. this keynote will be presented as a montage of those efforts, reflecting on the feral computing micro-genre and the spectral nature of where computing has yet to go.