Keynote: Open Space Initiative

From Our Networks 2047

Presented by Renata Jones

Formed in 2033 as a counterproposal to the failures of private industry-led space exploration, the Open Space Initiative is an extrastate nonprofit organisation that supports research and development of space exploration, planetary sensing, and the protection of space as a commons. Beginning with a series of legal challenges to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty’s final clause, “States shall avoid harmful contamination of space and celestial bodies”, the Open Space Initiative successfully argued that a series of proposed monopoly contracts on luxury space travel comprised a kind of contamination. Subsequently, it led the expansion of the Treaty terms from “States” to include private enterprise and parastate entities, to account for the changing structures of global power. Since then, OSI has expanded to a global alliance of over 100 other organisations taking an open source and commons-based approach to space exploration. This keynote will discuss OSI history, the challenges and lessons of its novel organisational structure, and an ambitious space-junk removal program planned for 2048.