Keynote: Federation over slow networks: Reflections, challenges, and opportunities

From Our Networks 2047

Presented by Edie Watson

This keynote will cover emerging Slow Network (SN) Operations and the challenges we’ve faced federating and interacting with official autonomous systems (AS). With the recent news[1] of data rate hikes for internetwork transit, SNs are facing a surge in interest, just as in 2038 and 2043. Given the slow transmit time for a network sync (~8-10 hours), we are running up against our intentional limits.

This keynote will describe the current state of federation before opening into a discussion, bringing together operators and enthusiasts to strategize. Are there new options for sending data we should be considering? Are there parts of the Radio Spectrum that are underutilised? Or are things working as intended? Should we have better tools to minimise data at point of transmission?