Internet for the organised neighbourhood

From Our Networks 2047

Presented by Alex Jung, Kyle Mowat

In year 2047, extortionate rents and rentierisation have continued to make ghettos of working class spaces, virtual and physical. We look to important wins by organised tenant, squatter, and encampment groups which show a way forward. We are attentive to the technological landscape of past decades' developments in tenant organising.

Taking the organised neighbourhood as our domain, we will jam over a 3x repeating 101 workshop on collective-run networks. We will talk people/hardware/software/maintenance needs, a toolkit, and strategy for a local, responsibly stewarded peer-to-peer (P2P) network. We seek to work with found and rescued materials. We build networks that support good relations, self-empowerment, and accountability in our everyday digital practices.

We invite all who are part of an neighbourhood collective or are beginning to build those relationships.

Each iteration of this workshop will premise a different state of organising:

  • Nov 16: organised with community function (e.g. food share)
  • Nov 19: organising, no community function
  • Nov 26: beginning to organise