Combes Catade

From Our Networks 2047
Name Combes Catade
Url Not available for internetworking. Access catadeclysm.pnw in PNW Slow Net region
Fediverse @ccatadeclysm@pnw.node

Excerpt from interview with Combes Catade published Spring 2043 transmission of Slow Nets Quarterly [1]:


Interviewer: Thank you again for agreeing to this interview! I know that you are a vocal proponent of seeing yourself as a worker in your role as a technologist working on Slow Networks and previously at venture-funded startup before the downturn. Before we get into specifics of your work with the PNW Slow Net I was hoping to give people a sense of your background.

What were you doing before you started working in or around tech?

CC: Thanks for having me. My early jobs were all a variation of menial service work, I spent a few years as cable technician before the big ISPs amalgamated, and had to like... show up in peoples homes and figure out why the crummy service wasn't working over crummy cables. This was back in the 20s, you know, I had to deal with shitty landlords and even worse bosses. I would have probably stayed in a job like that but got lured into a startup that was pitching itself as a next-gen wisp [editor's note: Wireless Internet Service Provider] and I bought the hype with all the rest. It was one of those, incentivized networks, where you like... were supposed to get paid while making your own node available for others to route traffic through. It all sorta fell apart in shambles within a few years after the money dried up and during a wave of layoffs...

Interviewer: What changed with your work situation that make you want to organize with your coworkers? What was your “to heck with this!” moment?

CC: I mean, definitely there should have been more than a few. But that moment came pretty late for me. I made it through the first wave of layoffs because I had practical experience of doing the physical installs and also had sort of convinced the remaining co-founders that I was a bootstraps guy and could step into lead eng. type conversations. But by the time the second came around inside I was fuming and on a million different chats and chat apps trying to have out of band convos with my co-workers.

Interviewer: What did you and your coworkers try doing about that situation? What came of your efforts?

CC: <bitter laugh> Well, we failed, we all got fired. But the company didn't last much longer, it hobbled along as an empty shell that got bought up in the firesale / revaluation consolidation that happened on the otherside of the recession. By then there was no way I could go back to startup culture. I'd founded two worker co-ops by then, we'd already started the first generation of what would become the PNW Slow Net and I got really into cycling and networking and was following what that bicibús crew was doing...