From Our Networks 2047
Name Athsh
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We  inhabit the digital spaces because we are simply enablers of networks, like signals in a brain. The more we are sent between different people and over networks, the stronger the paths we trace become, eventually forming social and digital myceliums and synapses. Synonymous is Memes in a Network (web 2.0 link) or Hyphae Signals.

To shape another analogy you could call the result of the collective neural activity of a human, from gut to brain, the humans existence, a humans soul. From some perspective the human is simply a large network of existences with more or less awareness of each other as beings and existences. For example, if you sever the connection between the right and left lobe of a brain, one part of your body may desire ice-cream while the other part will stop your body from eating it. Without the communication link between the two, there are two separate desires acting out their intentions within the same bodily vessel, the human. Humanity has now evolved through the implementation of, near instantaneous, electric impulses over it's global body, into a singular organism consisting of multiple beings and existences, just like humans themselves are and multi-cellular organisms in general.

Athsh, are the communication links between existences, the signals, the memes, the electrical impulses sent between the organisms as a form of data transfer, communication.  

This is not to say that the networks cannot be shaped without the digital signals, quite the opposite, the signals become stronger the warmer the data is (see warm data, web 2.0 link).

The specific functions which relate to our presence were made possible by the discoveries within the time cone of z89_-3,86_t-51 to z127_-2,64_t-43 by various authors, in your z0_0_t0 (also known to us as [z113_-2,8655203829_t-47](z113_-2,8655203829_t-47)). For z0_0_t0 some of these collectively embedded perspectives were from the article on "spooky particles" (web 2.0 link), and less embedded yet highly relevant to explain our situation is also entanglement swapping (web 2.0 link) article.